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Use This Formula To Grow To 7️⃣-Figures

Updated: Oct 2, 2019

Congratulations! You’re a member of the 6-figure club.

You’re ahead of 99% of entrepreneurs out there. Most of them will never get to where you are today.

But you’re not done yet. You’ve got bigger plans. You want to take your business to the next level – a multi-million-dollar company. And you doubled down on the things that got you here.

At first, things were going great. The money was rolling in, customers were happy, and the business was slowly growing.

But then everything went wrong. You started getting more customers than the business could handle. You didn’t have enough time or energy to do everything on your own. You felt overstretched and anxious, so stretched thin that it seemed like just one cough would cause the whole thing to come crashing down.

You didn’t give up. You doubled down on coffee and tripled down on the grind. You worked harder, sacrificed more, and tried to out hustle the problem.

But that only made things worse. You’re running around but going nowhere. Quality started dropping, and you began losing customers. It seemed like a viscous and never-ending cycle.

Trying to outhustle is one of the most common mistakes entrepreneurs make when they try and grow from 6-figures to 7-figures.

At the beginning, your sleepless nights and your hustle are key reasons your business survived. But if you aren’t careful, those same qualities become the critical reason it’s going to fail.

As you build your business, certain skills and processes are necessary to get you to six figures. But going from six to seven and eight figures requires a different strategy.

Most entrepreneurs don’t make the switch. Instead of working to remove themselves as the bottleneck, automating systems and processes, and delegating...they triple down on control of the business.

I call it the HUG OF DEATH.

Good news is, there’s a proven formula to can get you back on track and set to join the 2 Comma Club.

Here's the formula:

Simplify + Systemize + Support = Epic Growth

Hundreds of happy clients over the last 16 years have proven again and again that this formula works. This formula can work for you too.

Let me go step by step into each part of this formula so you can see for yourself how it can transform your business!

1. Simplify

“Complexity is the enemy of execution”.

Tony Robbins couldn’t have said it better. But let me try anyway:

Complexity happens when you say “Yes” to too many things that just don’t matter.

When you try to be everything to everybody.

When you chase shiny objects that can be “profitable”.

When you don’t advance your business with clear purpose.

Complexity drains you of your time and energy. Every. Single. Day. It makes it so much more difficult to achieve your goals.

Sound familiar?

That happened to me shortly after I opened my first business in 2004. I woke up one day and two things hit me. First, I was trapped. The business I started to give me the freedom to live my life turned into a nightmare. Because second, my business didn’t have a clearly defined mission. And that meant I was saying “Yes” to everyone.

And to make things worse, these “Yeses” weren’t even the types of clients I wanted to work with. In fact, they were a good baseline for what I absolutely did not want.

And that was the reason behind most of my headaches.

Not having a mission means not knowing where you’re going. And not knowing where you’re going means you don’t know if you’re going the wrong way.

In other words, the biggest cost of not having a mission is not knowing when to say “No.” And your business gets too complex to handle the growth.

Simplifying is the art of saying “no”.

Simplifying means you focus on the only two things that truly matter in business - your mission and your customer. EVERYTHING in your business that doesn’t focus on those areas needs to be eliminated.

And when you say “No”, you create the time and space to triple down and invest in what truly matters.

Imagine how saying “No” could transform your business!

2. Systemize

“All you need is ____ clients per month”

If I had a dollar for every time an entrepreneur has said that to me...

If I gave you 100 clients right now, would you be able to handle the growth?

Many owners focus so much on getting new clients that they forget to build the right systems and processes to handle the growth. When they get new customers, they try to do everything on their own.

That may have worked when you were growing to 6-figures, but that’s not going to get you to seven figures.

You need to move away from the business step away is key to growth. Remember, your business cannot outgrow the pace of decision making.

If all decisions - from the color in the creatives in your ad campaign to the toppings on the pizza in your business lunch - have to go through you, you become your own biggest bottleneck to growth.

How do you avoid this fate?

1. Simplify - It all starts here. Align everything to a clear business mission and your customer base and eliminate all the stuff that doesn’t matter.

2. Build systems and processes - Set up as much of the business to thrive without you. There are two goals here. First, you want to remove yourself as the bottleneck and spread out decision making. And second, standardizing processes means that anyone on your team can follow the process and get the same result.

Automate the important repetitive tasks that didn’t require human interaction, like customer onboarding, scheduling, and payments.

Develop standard operating procedures (SOP) for key processes, such as hiring, new hire onboarding, and client onboarding.

And delegate tasks and give progressively greater decision making to your team. You're probably wearing multiple hats right now and delegating not only gives you more freedom to run the business, it also gets the right tasks to the people who can do it better than you can.

When you integrate systems and processes and start delegating, the return on investment is insane:

💎 More revenue

💎 Higher quality value for your clients

💎 Decentralized decision making: 95% of the decisions are made without you

💎 Set to scale: your business can serve more customers each month

💎 Freedom: You can pursue other areas in your life

Imagine a world where 95% of your business headaches are gone!

Systems and processes are the key to exploding your business growth. It’s your ticket to freedom.

3. Hire a kickass team

Your team is the biggest predictor of your long-term success. So surround yourself with smart people that can move your business.

You can’t do it alone, so stop trying. Trying to be a superhero will limit your growth. A company cannot outgrow its decision making. Think about it: how can you sustain epic growth if every decision has to go through you?

Asking for help is more than just recognizing your personal limits. It’s understanding that the cost of not asking for help can very well be a failed business.


Maybe you know what I’m talking about…and you understand just how hard it is to keep everything going at once.

Even momentum needs momentum to survive. At some point, you start dropping the ball.

No clients = no business.

Know when you need help. Build a rockstar team to take your business to the next level.

The Bottom Line

This formula is the foundation to get you from 6-figures a year to 6-figures a month comes down to 3 proven steps:

Simplify + Systemize + Support = Epic Growth

1. Simplify Your Business 2. Build The Right Systems And Processes 3. Hire And Delegate To A Kickass Team

When you build these three steps into your business, then you’ve got the right foundation for:

💎 Smarter decision making

💎 A happier team and work environment

💎 Clear direction on how to allocate your money and resources

💎 Scaling into a highly profitable business

💎 Explosive revenue growth

💎 Freedom

Imagine how this could completely change the way you do business!

Imagine that instead of sleepless nights, 18-hour work days, and waking up every morning anxious about all those endless fires...

You wake up every morning, enjoy your cup of coffee and your morning routine...hanging out with your loved ones...confident that your business is thriving without you...And your biggest question on your mind is: how am I going to enjoy the day?

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