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I created OmniKai, a coaching agency that helps leaders around the world overcome crises and build profitable, sustainable, and impactful companies that shape a better tomorrow.



My Mission is to help communities become more resilient so we can overcome today's challenges and shape tomorrow's world.

Not getting that investment banking job straight out of college may have been the best thing that ever happened to me...

21 years old and depressed, I flopped around for two years before finally asking myself,

“What would I do if I had 6 months and could not fail?”


2 weeks later, I left everything behind and moved to China.


That 6-month question evolved into 6 years of living and working around the world.

Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined how my life would transform…

I fell in love with China when I moved to Xi’an. The history, the vibrancy, the dynamism.

I was hooked.

So I taught myself Chinese, studied the history, and embarked on an epic journey across the country.

9 months after moving to China, my business acumen, hustle, and self-taught Chinese cornered the market as a fixer for European companies trying - and failing - to do business in China.

If you've seen Pulp Fiction, think Mr. Wolf - for business.

But something was missing. I needed more…


One day, in passing, I heard the name “Kailash”, and though I didn’t know what or where it was, I knew I had to go find out.

And so I began the pilgrimage to Mt. Kailash in Tibet that transformed my life.

The journey from Borneo to Tibet took 9 months.

Each day, I realized the power of aligning my life with my mission. I learned the power of forgiveness and the importance - the responsibility, even - to continuously improve myself.

Since then, I have helped people around the world face those tough crossroads, rise above their fears and move towards their mission. 

Afterwards, I journeyed across Asia and through Africa, stopping whenever curiosity met opportunity.


I continued coaching business clients but I also explored other adventures.

During the tense presidential elections in Zimbabwe, after the government kicked out foreign journalists and deployed troops in their cities, I smuggled myself into Zimbabwe as a freelance journalist.

It was there in Zimbabwe that I decided to return to graduate school. The most important decisions happen in the rooms at the highest level, and I wanted a seat.

I returned to the United States in style, sailing across the Atlantic Ocean.

Cape Town, South Africa to Fortaleza, Brazil.


33 days.


It was my first time sailing.

Harnessing The Power Of Community

After graduating with my masters degree, I led strategy for an international fintech startup.

I also built, managed, and launched products in Asia, Europe, Africa, and the Americas for the global team of a finance company.

I joined public service, working on critical infrastructure policy for the U.S. government.

When Hurricane Harvey devastated Texas in 2017, I deployed and managed 94+ responders across a 250 mile area.

For 83 consecutive days, I fought to secure resources so my teams had what they needed to help survivors.

The privilege to serve the survivors of Texas is one of the most fulfilling moments of my life.


In 2018, I left public service to focus on OmniKai.

Every day, I focus on helping communities become more resilient so we can overcome today's challenges and shape tomorrow's world. 

My curiosity still drives me to continue to craft my dreams into reality.

Reach out below to discover how you can build smarter so you can face ever-complex challenges, build profitable companies, and scale your impact.

Let's change the world together. 

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